Tidy Books

Enjoy books at the heart of your home with the innovative Tidy Books range designed to be practical, look good and become a lasting addition to the family home.

The inspiration comes from a child’s inquisitive nature to choose books based on the cover, not the spine. The range has been designed to fulfil a practical need and enable children to explore their books independently.

The Tidy Books bookcase displays books to their full effect, giving them a central place in the home.

The Tidy Books Bunk Buddy keeps everything they need at bedtime safe and close, while the Tidy Books Box encourages mobile learning and is a unique addition to any play area or bedroom.

The ForgetMeNot™ magnetic whiteboard is perfect for jotting reminder messages and displaying important notes and party invitations, while the no spill shelf keeps canteen money, letters and books within easy reach.

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